Classes and Workshops

Lisa has taught dance for the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, NAISDA Dance College, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company public classes and Accessible Arts. She has also taught classes and workshops for numerous Australian and international dance organisations, primary and secondary schools, community organisations, pre professional dance initiatives and private dance schools.

Lisa’s workshops for professionals and student dancers stem from her personal arts and performance practice. She is interested in the tension between authentic movement and the trained body. Her warm up incorporates movement meditation and improvisation to gain a state of deep listening to the body. Through improvisation, problem solving investigation and choreographed movement, her classes encourage the dancer to move from a place of authenticity and honesty, while challenging the physical self to move outside its comfort zone.

Lisa’s therapeutic arts workshops are suitable for all. She has led workshops and sessions for people who live with a range of disabilities, as well as people without disabilities who would like to experience movement in a therapeutic context.